I walk a lot. Consequently, I have a lot of time to listen to podcasts about books, or audio books, and ruminate about what I’m reading or hearing. During a typical four or five mile loop from my house, I encounter a lake, fields, brooks, woods and many varieties of fauna, both wild and domesticated and flora. During these walks, I’m invariably thinking at some point, what are we going to eat today? So when the urge to blog struck again, I asked myself what I could commit to that would sustain my interest on a regular  basis. Passion had to be at the root of this endeavor. At that point, the  decision was obvious. I am passionate about books. One of the first things my friends and I talk about when we get together is what we’re reading. My annual Christmas letter is a recap of my reading year, whether anyone’s interested or not. I am passionate about beauty, and have come to  realize that much of my time is devoted to finding and enjoying it in its various forms: love, nature, music, friendship, and of course, musical theater! Finally, what’s more beautiful than food?

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